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"There's Something Out There"

"Will Pulido be the next Sam Raimi? "There’s Something Out There" uses tight editing, tension-building music and inventive scare tactics to make a memorable, fun/scary experience…"
KJ Doughton
Film Threat

"… Brian Pulido's well-directed and beautifully shot film builds with taut suspense into a frenzied climax."
Brinke Stevens
Scream Queen

"There's Something Out There is both scary and exciting. Awesome effects and an ingenious storyline makes this short fright flick one of the best I've ever seen."
Ron McLellen
Festival Director
Cine-Macabre Film Festival

"Director Brian Pulido's 'There's Something Out There' is a fun, well crafted and scary horror movie. You may never look at your lawn ornaments the same way again!"
Greg Ropp
Festival director
Eerie Horror Film Festival

"It's rare to find a funny, fast paced entertaining short film that keeps one entertained
right up to its climax. Pulido shows signs of a talent to watch out for."
Edward King
Producer Dead Meat

"The scariest mini-maniac movie since Trilogy of Terror."
Kier-La Janisse
Festival director
CineMuerte Film Festival

"There's Something Out There" is suspense filled, scary, and reveals that what you should fear most lurks in your backyard!"
Denise Gossett,
Festival director
Shriekfest Film Festival

"… Brian Pulido's well-directed and beautifully shot film builds with taut suspense into a frenzied climax."
Brinke Stevens

"Pulido offers up a garden of death, where the flower bed is as peaceful as a cemetery and the nightlife is deadly."
Del Howison, Dark Delicacies




"Pulido has God given talent for horror."
Lloyd Kaufman
President Troma Entertainment.

Best Short Film
Cine-Macabre Film Festival

Best Short Film
Rhode Island Horror Film Festival

Most Frightening Film
Cine-Macabre Film Festival

First Runner up
Scottsdale International Film Festival

Best of Show
Scottsdale College

Audience choice
Scottsdale College

1st Place Horror
Scottsdale College

1st place Editing
Scottsdale College

Scottsdale College Film Festival (AZ)

Dead Center Film Festival , (OK)

Starz/First Look Student Film Fest (CO)

Just Another Film Festival (UT)

First Glance: Philadelphia Film Festival

Phoenix International Film Festival.

Troma Dance Film Festival (Park City, UT)

Horror Dance Film Festival (TX)

Sedona International Film Festival (AZ)

ShriekFest LA Film Festival (LA)

Shockerfest Film Festival (CA)

Screamfest LA Film Festival (LA)

Dragon Con Film Festival (GA)

Exofest Film Festival (CAN)

Cine-Muerte Film Festival (CAN)

Eerie Horror Film Festival (PA)

Festival of Horror (IL)

Horrorthon Film Festival (Ireland)

Scottsdale International Film Festival (AZ)

Cine-Macabre Film Festival (GA)

Rhode Island Horror Film Festival

Megacon 2005 Indy Film Expo (FL)

Frogtown Film Festival (Ohio)

Melborne International Film Festival (FL)

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