BRAD: “He’s a garden gnome. The guy at the swap meet said he’ll protect the garden.”

PENNY: “I don’t like him. He gives me the creeps.”PENNY and BRAD bicker about everything, so it’s no surprise that the gloves come off when Brad brings home a garden gnome to protect the garden. Against her wishes, Penny gives in and allows the eerie gnome to stay.
Later that night Penny wakes, hearing a scratching noise. Brad investigates and it turns out ARTHUR his nosy neighbor is changing a light bulb at his wife’s urging. Arthur wants to know if things are going okay with Brad and Penny. Brad insists everything is fine.

Brad comes back to bed and tells Penny about Arthur which seems to settle her. They go to sleep, but later Penny wakes hearing the noise again. This time Brad hears it too and investigates. He doesn’t see Arthur this time and he no longer hears the noise, so he settles in the kitchen for a glass of milk.

He hears scratching coming from the back patio and moves toward it. He pulls the drapes, scans the patio. Nothing. He goes outside looks around. He stops by the gnome and asks him if he’s protecting the garden. Satisfied that whatever made the noise is gone, Brad heads back inside. Unknown to him, the gnome’s eyes follow him.

Fearing discovery, the gnome grabs the trowel, launches himself on Brad and murders him before he can say a word.

Upstairs Penny is scared. She calls for Brad, but he doesn’t respond. Tentatively, she steps down the stairs. She calls for Brad. He doesn’t answer.

She grabs an umbrella for protection and heads for the door. But nothing prepares her for what she sees: a pint sized terror, speeding for her brandishing a bloody trowel. Penny smashes into the dining room table, then smacks into the couch as the laughing, grunting gnome follows. Penny throws a blanket on him, but he simply cuts through it. Penny heads for the front door, but it is locked. The gnome comes for her. She heads upstairs.

A terrific chase ensues. Penny calls the police for help, but the gnome is fast upon her. She jumps up on her bed and loses him. As thunder crackles, she tries to escape the bed room, with the gnome hot on her trail.

Penny bloodied and near hysterical summons strength she never knew she had. She throws down the gauntlet and faces the gnome in a battle of will and wits.

In the end, (this section is deleted so as not to spoil the ending for viewers – the management).