Brian Pulido is a multi-talented creator, writer and producer of pop cultural entertainment and merchandise. As the former President of Chaos! Comics, Pulido was the top selling independent comic publisher of the 1990’s. Under his leadership, Chaos! won twelve international printing awards, kicked off the Bad-Girl trend in comics, and created a loyal fan base unlike anything before seen in the comics industry.

Pulido was the recipient of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Defender of Liberty award for 1999 for his fund raising efforts. The CBLDF is a first amendment’s rights advocacy group. Pulido is also a member of the board of directors for A Commitment to Our Roots (or ACTOR), a non-profit foundation formed to aid retired members of the comic book community in need.

Brian has created over twenty properties, one hundred characters and written or co-written over 240 comic books including Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity, Smiley the Psychotic button, Bad kitty, Jade, Sage, Lady Demon, Bedlam and The Undead among many others.

Pulido designed a Haunted Attraction for Rawhide Western town in 2000, created and packaged “The Supernaturals” comic book series for Marvel Comics, and served as creative director on over one hundred licensed items including action figures, sculptures, glassware, jewelry, trading cards, apparel, holiday ornaments, stickers and soundtracks.

In motion pictures, Brian wrote the story and is Associate Producer on the upcoming animated Lady Death feature from ADV films. He has several development deals including the feature Jade with Gale Ann Hurd; producer of Terminator attached and Bad Kitty with Mark L. Wolper Productions, producers LA Confidential attached. Brian is hard at work on several supernatural themed screenplays he will soon unleash onto the world.

The 2003 relaunch of Lady Death at CrossGen Entertainment started a new, kinder gentler era for the maverick creator. Lady Death: A Medieval Tale became the company’s #1 seller and was Wizard’s Book of The Month winning praise from fans and critics alike.

Before comics publishing, Pulido worked as an assistant director in New York and Los Angeles, making music videos for brands as diverse as Kiss, Coca Cola and C&C Music Factory.

Brian graduated New York University’s School of Film and Television. He resides in the wilds of Arizona with his wife Francisca and his dogs Midnight and Raven, crafting a new vision to bring high quality, low budget filmmaking to Arizona and the rest of the world.