01.01.2005 - "There's Something Out There"
World Premiere Screening!!

You are cordially invited to:

Of There’s Something Out There

Thursday January the 20th
social hour,
8:00PM Theater opens,
8:30PM Movie Screens

This night only!

  • See the award winning short horror film!
  • Meet the Cast & Filmmakers for an exclusive Q & A!
  • Learn about Eternal Entertainment’s new movie - GONE!
  • FREE Killer Gnomes #1 comic to first 200 people!


Where: Farrelli’s Cinema Supper Club
14202 N. Scottsdale Road (North of Thunderbird @ Acoma)

For directions call 480-905-7200

Farrelli’s Full Menu and Bar
will be available.

Please help us show our appreciation to Farrelli’s and their support of the film industry by purchasing food and beverages from their extensive menu and bar this night!



Scottsdale, Arizona. Brian Pulido, Chaos! Comics founder and creator of beloved evil characters Lady Death, Evil Ernie and others has just completed his first short horror film. The sixteen minute short “There’s Something Out There” was shot on film and is based on an original screenplay by Pulido and produced through his production company, Eternal Entertainment.

“Directing my first on screen murder was a delight.”

“I’ve been a dedicated horror fan since I was a kid, “Pulido confides. “Directing my first on screen murder was a delight.” Filmed in and around a townhouse in Scottsdale Arizona over six nights, the story revolves around Penny and Brad, a couple with marital problems. When Brad brings home a garden gnome to protect the garden, an innocent gift turns into a murderous nightmare as the pint-sized killer takes protecting the garden to a terrifying, relentless extreme. “I must have been haunted by those Travelocity commercials,” Pulido confesses.

To fund the film, Pulido sold his comic book collection on E-Bay. “It took a couple of months, but we did it,” Pulido says. “I can thanks Marvel’s monster comics for starting my film career.” A talented crew including an award winning cameraman, sound designer, composer and visual effects team all jumped on board, but Pulido credits the actors performance for selling the terror. “The cast is amazing. Patti Tindall our heroine had a very demanding, physical role. Her character is frail in the beginning, but taps into unknown strength to combat the gnome. Patti got thirty cuts and bruises by the end of production. I’m proud of that.”

“Patti got thirty cuts and bruises by the end of production. I’m proud of that.”

With a garden gnome as the threat can audiences expect a laugh riot?” Make no mistake, this is an intense horror movie. This gnome is a crazed, driven predator. I love evil in otherwise innocent things,” Pulido says. “I’m paying homage to the Zulu Warrior story from “Trilogy of Terror” with Karen Black. The story was contained to one location like mine. The Zulu seems innocent at first, but you realize it is insane.”

To support the upcoming release of “There’s Something Out There” this winter on DVD (along with a host of extras), Avatar Press is releasing the comic book KILLER GNOMES #1 in September, written by Pulido. “This is a chance to expand on the story, not just adapt it. There’s more to these murderous devils than meets the eye and we get a taste of that in the comic.”

Pulido’s Eternal Entertainment is developing a feature length version of “There’s Something Out There” and several other horror screenplays for production. “Once you’ve dipped your hands in stage blood, there’s no going back, “ Pulido says.

For more information on “There’s Something Out There” contact or visit For more information on Brian Pulido’s Killer Gnomes #1 contact: Available where ever comic books are sold. Call 1-888-comicbook for a shop near you.